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Types of Lock Systems Used For Vehicle Doors

Your car can be one of the most significant financial investments for many people. Keeping it safe is important, and what keeps your vehicle safe is the door lock system. There are many kinds of vehicle door locks systems for all types of vehicles, and you need to choose one that suits your needs.

The ideal option which master locksmiths might recommend for your vehicle depends on the car’s model, make, age and your preference. Here are some of the options you have for your car’s door lock.

Standard Key Entry

This is the most basic door lock you can select and is typically used in older vehicle models. A standard key entry comprises a lock and a key. Though it might not have as much security features as other door locks, it is inexpensive and easy to change, fix or replace.

Electronic Lock

These locks work using an electronic key which operates your car’s door locks at the push of a button. They are more efficient and harder to break into compared to standard key entries. The replacement of electronic locks is however expensive since they have to be precisely coded to their designated vehicle.

Keyless Entry

This type of lock needs no key but uses a keypad or key fob which detects the lock and which you can operate. The key fob is found on the vehicle. The superior security offered by a keyless car entry is unmatched, but a replacement is quite costly.

Regardless of your choice from the above, these locks are all designed to keep your car safe. Look for a reliable locksmith who can help you find the best type that matches your vehicle. This will ensure you can get help promptly in case of any trouble with your car’s door lock system.

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