Types of Photo Frame Wall Arrangements

Photographs are one of the best alternatives for commemorating some of your life’s most significant moments. With this realization, virtually everyone is now investing in the best camera phones. These will prove essential for your social media pages. Even so, they will not produce the best images for your gallery walls. You would, of course, want to share your family’s momentous times with the guests to your home and remember them frequently. For this, you should invest in a professional photographer.

Some of the essentials for your gallery walls are investments in baby and maternity photography sessions by a Melbourne-based professional. Once you have the best photos of your pregnancy along with your baby’s growth right from birth, getting them exceptionally displayed is essential. Few people will, after all, pay attention to haphazardly displayed photos even if the gallery wall is right in their field of view. The following are the arrangements ideas for you framed pictures to create a display worth paying attention to.

Grid Arrangements

Simple grids are the easiest choice for filling your gallery wall over time. The arrangement will create a modern and strong focal point for your room. For the grid layout, consider grouping your frames as one piece over your furniture. You can alternatively balance the layout on your entire wall if there is no furniture near the wall in a left-to-right or top-to-bottom arrangement. With this arrangement, you should leave about two inches between the frames for some consistency.

Horizontal Arrangement

This is a good pick for those looking to make a strong graphic statement and widen their rooms. The horizontal arrangement is ideally used for images with cohesive color palettes. To guarantee your frames are up to scale when seated or standing, aim for six-inch gaps from the highest level of your furniture to the frames’ bottoms.

Vertical Arrangement

This is ideal for rooms with low roofs since they create a perception of increased height. The layout will allow you to mix shapes and sizes in your photos along a central vertical line. The frames you use in this arrangement should ideally span two-thirds the width of your furniture to create a balanced look. Moreover, you should leave about 4 ½ inches from your furniture’s top to the bottom of your lowest photo frame.

Staircase Arrangement

modern staircase

This is a classic arrangement that makes the most of your walls and draws the eyes upward. Though generally used along staircases, it can also suffice for other rooms. With the staircase arrangement, you should leave approximately 10 inches between your steps and the frames’ bottom to ease vacuuming and dusting of your floor. To get started, center the large frame on your middle staircase step so that the frame center is at eye level, which in most cases is approximately 58 inches high.

Some people will assume that the above arrangements will also work to display even badly done photos. Even when you have followed the recommended design rules for the above arrangements, however, you will not achieve much without the right photos. To guarantee the best-looking gallery wall, therefore, your journey should start with picking the right professional photographer.

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