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Understanding the Basics of Fashion Editorials

Looking through the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and GQ, you certainly know well that fashion editorials are some of the things that readers anticipate. These are where they amaze themselves with the unexpected treatments of themes and aesthetics. These are also where they get ideas on how to dress themselves up. With all these reasons, it pays that a fashion editor and a creative director come up with an editorial that is not just stunning but also memorable. If you are working in fashion—whether on the supplier side or publishing side—you know that understanding the basics of fashion editorials is essential. After all, this is what you are going to do for a very long time.

A fashion editorial does not happen overnight. It takes time—some even takes months or a year. The fashion editor has to make sure that everything is impeccable and that the theme will be something not many creative directors will be able to think of. Whether you are planning to become part of the fashion industry or are just plain curious how fashion editorials go, here are some of the pointers that will certainly help you appreciate such projects:

Have a theme

You just do not put together a shoot to make an editorial happen. Editorials should have a purpose—whether it is to create a look book or promote a new collection for the season. You will need something to pull everything together. This is why you need a theme. Your big idea will serve as the recurring line of aesthetics throughout your campaign. It will serve as your guide when choosing clothes and pieces. The ideas should be truly actionable. Be wild and imaginative, but always remind yourself of the budget constraints, as they will certainly affect your shoot.

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Make a mood board

Now that you have a theme, it is time to discuss it with your art directors and graphic designers. The theme should be tangible and smart, which is why it makes sense to create a mood board that will even inspire photographers, set designers, and makeup artists. The mood board is a collection of images, videos, and color palettes that will tell directors, photographers, and editors how to approach a certain collection and looks.

Shoot and edit

Now that you have a big idea and a mood board to follow, it’s time to shoot. Shoots are not always easy, as you will have to coordinate with the photographer. Other than making the shoot easier, you have to rely on third-party suppliers that will help you achieve your business’ objectives. For one, if you are selling jewelry, it pays that you work with a reliable people who can help you with your jewelry editing projects.

A fashion editorial is not just a means of fashion magazines and brands to market new products and looks. It could also be a way to express aesthetics and tastes. In the modern age, it is very much like akin to works of art, especially in a society where the discipline of advertising is also part of the arts.

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