LED Linear Lights

Understanding the Different Types of LED Linear Lights

Indoor and outdoor signage has changed the world of business. After all, you need your business premises to stand out with outdoor signage and to ease your clients’ navigation of your store with indoor signage. Though different technologies have come up for business signage, LED lighting remains the leading choice. This has eye-catching brightness, an extended life, low maintenance, and better appearance than other lighting alternatives. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient choice for businesses.

Innovative commercial business lighting is now popular among businesses in Tampa, Florida and other states that opt for LED lights. LED linear lighting, also called strip lighting sometimes, is an affordable and popular option for outdoor and indoor signage as it features several bulbs in one line.

The following are the types of LED linear lights you can get for your business:

DC LED Flex Strips

These are the most common choices for accent and task lighting in homes and companies. They come with several complementary accessories that make them user-friendly. DC LED flex strips are 3mm tall and 10mm wide, making them ideal for low hanging signs. You have 3-foot increments on the flex strip reel to accommodate high signs. The strips are powered using 12V DC lights and come in waterproof alternatives for outdoor signage.

AC LED Flex Strips

These have widths of 9/16’’ and heights of ¼’’, making them slightly wider compared to DC LED strips. AC LED flex strips will, therefore, run in continuous lengths of up to 150 feet, making them ideal for spanning long distances without having to attach several strips. Their length also means you do not need dimmers and multiple power supplies for the installation that would increase your maintenance and installation costs. Most of them are plug-and-use strips and are easy to use, provided they are installed by a professional

LED Rope Lights

Unlike the flat LED light strips, rope lights are encased in a round, rubbery plastic with a ½’’ diameter. This encasing makes the lights waterproof and able to be used anywhere. Furthermore, LED rope lights emit light from all around, unlike flex strips that might have backsides where the light is invisible. These lights are unfortunately not as bright as other LED linear lights and, therefore, work best for accent lighting. LED rope lights run from 120V AC and can be plugged into standard wall outlets and give out minimal heat.

High Output LED Strips

These emit brighter light compared to other LED linear lights since they have high and mid-power bulbs on rigid strips. The range of lights categorized as high output LED strips differs among manufacturers, but are generally used for outdoor lighting. Though expensive, their exceptional brightness makes them ideal for outdoor lighting in dim conditions and indoor signage in large stores.

Choosing the right LED lighting for your company or store’s signage is not as straightforward a process. You need professional input on which type of lighting will suffice for your chosen colors, power demands, and installation. You should also consider your local restrictions when selecting and installing the LED lights so that you do not attract hefty fines.

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