Party at home

Unique 40th Birthday Celebration Tips

Party at  homeThey say life begins at 40. If you believe in this, then you need to make sure that you celebrate your 40th birthday with a bang. Many people in Brisbane typically go with any of the following ideas:

1. Party at your own home.

Let’s face it, at 40 you are not as spry as you were when you were 18. Staying out late would get you all tired the following day. Getting drunk is not as fun as it used to be. All of these, however, does not mean you cannot enjoy your 40th. By holding your party at home, you can get drunk as long as you want, stay as late as you want, and create as much ruckus as you can. After all, you would not be driving home, and you can easily just wash all the dishes and clean your home the next day.

2. Go for an activity-themed party.

One of the best 40th birthday party ideas in Brisbane, according to, is an activity-themed party. While this might mean you cannot go overly drunk or dance the night away, you can easily have good, clean fun with family and friends. Some of the activities that you might want to consider would include barbecue parties, bowling, rock climbing, bumper cars, and swimming.

3. Do whatever scares you.

At 40, you would have pretty much established yourself. Inundated with all the everyday worries of the world, you can actually channel your teenaged, edgier self by taking on activities that put you on the edge. This means, instead of having a quiet party at home, why not try skydiving? Sailing and rappelling might also seem fun. If you have not tried bungee jumping, now might be the right time for that.

Once you have figured out what theme to have for your party, make sure that you work on the venue, the food, and the guests that you would be inviting over.

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