Upgrade Your Outdoor Area This Summer

Summer is a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. If you plan to spend more time soaking up the sun and breathing the fresh air in your home, you’ll want to take your outdoor area to the next level. Apart from having a beautiful lawn, updating your yard can do wonders for your property value. A report from Realty Times reveals that small fixes and updates on your backyard can boost a property’s real estate value by 11 percent.

Ready to give your outdoor area a makeover this summer? Get started by taking note of these suggestions:

Add Plants that Offer Shade

The heat from the sun is sometimes unforgiving, so you’ll want to have a backyard with ample shade. Rather than install patio umbrellas, plant fast-growing trees that offer natural shade. Some trees you could plant in your garden are Lombardy Poplars, European Black Alders, Japanese Pagoda Trees, and willows.

Install a Beautiful Hardscape

A hardscape is a strong and solid structure that defines the paths and edges of your landscape. The bricks and stones that divide your garden offer a unique visual contrast to your lawn’s beautiful greenery.

If you notice that your backyard doesn’t have a dividing point, construct a pathway using sand, gravel, and stones. Seek an experienced landscape paver if you need assistance with this landscaping project.

Introduce a Simple and Comforting Water Element in Your Garden

The idea of adding a pond or a fountain to your outdoor space can seem intimidating at first. This home improvement project, however, isn’t fairly difficult to execute. Many water features consist of the following basic components:

  • A water pump
  • A liner
  • An electrical source to run the outdoor fountain

You elevate the overall look of your outdoor area when you have a fountain or pond in your landscape. On top of that, water features offer mental health benefits to homeowners. A report from The Conversation reveals that water settings induce feelings of calmness.

Add Swales to Your Outdoor Space

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A swale is a shallow trench that soaks up excess rainwater. If your area experiences heavy rains and turns part of your outdoor space into a lake, introduce swales to your landscape. By adding these trenches in your outdoor area, you could avoid flooding and redirect the rainwater to your garden.

Brighten Your Outdoor Area

If you want your garden to look beautiful at night, strategically place lights to make your landscape feel alive and magical. Start by hanging fairy and string lights around your yard. You could place these fixtures on shrubs, wrap them around trees, and string them up between tall garden objects like poles.

Pro-tip: As much as possible, use solar-powered lights to illuminate your outdoor space during the nighttime. By doing so, you beautify your yard, save on energy costs, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Boost the “Size” of Your Yard with Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and create the illusion of a bigger space. When increasing the “size” of your outdoor area, tuck mirrors in various places, such as fences and planters. Opt for mirrors that can tolerate the summer outdoor weather and changes in temperature.

These suggestions will help you freshen up your outdoor area this summer. Whatever upgrades you choose, plan well and add them to your outdoor space as soon as possible.

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