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Upgrading These Three Things Will Make Your Home Look New

Upgrading the look of a home does not have to mean splurging a lot of money and doing crazy renovations such as finishing a basement or replacing the shingles. A full renovation can rack up expenses worth thousands of dollars, but it is perfectly possible to achieve the new look on a budget. There are many things that you can do that cost just a few thousand. The important thing is to know what to work on, as certain aspects of a home send out clear messages and are more noticeable than others. Making your home look good is easy if you work on these aspects:

Getting a new garage door

We often forget just how big garage doors are and how much space they occupy of our home’s exterior. These are all the more reasons to pay attention to your garage door. In Salt Lake City, most homes opt for a modern look as safety is not a huge concern. Getting a fancy garage door made out of a material such as polished wood or glass can really up your home’s appearance. It will make your house stand out from other houses and also save space if you get a modern door that slides open. It can also make your home safer if you get one that open remotely or requires a code to open. There are ones that you can also connect to your phone as part of a smart home infrastructure.

Add greenery


Adding a garden is a smart way to make your home look new. You can call a professional gardener or landscaping company to give it a neat, trimmed appearance. But you can also turn it into a hobby that takes up extra time and also gives you a chance to exercise. Add flowerbeds, and grow a hedgerow to give your home some privacy and elegance. You can also add garden lights to light up your house at night. Get solar lights to prevent your electricity bill from increasing. Nothing draws attention and looks well cared for than a well-lit home. To really create a beautiful landscape, add stone steps leading up to the house. You can also add a brick path in your garden or a garden feature such as a pond or fountain.

Give the patio a paint job

Working on the outside doesn’t mean that you have to paint your whole exterior. Painting the whole exterior is expensive. Instead, opt for painting the most visible parts such as the patio or the front doors. Painting the patio white will make your home look new and fresh. You can contrast this with a brightly colored door that is sure to gain positive attention from the neighborhood. You can also install the new garage door in an unusual color for maximum impact.

Do a lot of research by browsing through materials online or home decor magazines to find out which style is right for you. Take inspiration from the designers, and then scale it down to suit the overall aesthetics of your home.

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