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Value in Preservation: 3 Ways to Give Your Designer Jewelry Some TLC

These days, many shops are offering a wider selection of designer jewelry. This is great news for people who are into collecting jewelry. KAVUT, for instance, offers timeless collections.

If this hobby is pretty new to you, here are some of the easy tips to follow in the maintenance of your jewelry pieces. For any collector, extending the lifespan of his or her jewelry serves well as an investment.

1. Invest in a good storage place

Keep in mind that jewelry storage should be a dry, clean, and moist-free space. A high-quality jewelry box or case that comes with fabric linen is a good example. If you prefer not to invest in a jewelry case, you can use an ordinary box instead. When doing so, just make sure to wrap each jewelry piece in soft tissue before storing them. Some jewelry pieces come in specially designed pouches – try to keep each jewelry piece in its designated pouch for storage and transport purposes.

2. Use the right cleaning solutions

It is advisable to bring jewelry pieces to the pros for effective cleaning, but it can also be done at home. What matters most in DIY cleaning is the use of the appropriate cleaning solution for each material. Gold pieces, for instance, require soaking in warm and soapy water before giving it a good wiping with a soft cloth. Remember to air-dry the pieces thoroughly before storing them.

3. Invest in security

Storing jewelry at home is okay as long as the necessary security measures are in place. But if you’re uncomfortable keeping them in your house, you can invest in a good jewelry storage space – especially if you have some really valuable pieces. Some people prefer to store them in their local bank’s safe deposit box.

Ensure Premium Value: Save the Jewels

With proper care and maintenance, it’s easy to keep your designer jewelry pieces in tip-top shape. These tips are also great if you have some heirloom pieces handed down, those of which that need more TLC than usual. Jewelry is more than mere sentimental value – they are also lucrative investments in your financial portfolio.

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