Want a Barrier That Doesn’t Interrupt Your Views? Try Glass Balustrades

Glass Fence in Bibra LakeMore and more homeowners are now turning to a more attractive balustrading system that keeps the outdoor view unobstructed. This has led to frameless glass balustrades becoming more popular, as it can be used for both internal and external requirements – yet offering a finished look, simple and attractive.

With Perth balustrades available, you can now have your home installed with this simple and versatile system that makes the most of your outdoor views. This balustrading system is not only attractive, but has lots of benefits as well.

The glass balustrading system

Balustrades provide some barrier or fencing to prevent entry or even falling off. Traditionally, wood, concrete and metal have been the common balustrading system. But now, the modern choice that is becoming popular is glass. Glass balustrade, on the other hand, is a glass system that provides unobstructed views, although a selection of coloured tints are available for privacy purposes.

The glass balustrading system can also be frameless of semi-frameless. The material used in the manufacture of this glass is not easily breakable and can be made from structured, tempered or safety glass.

Use of glass balustrading system

The versatile nature of glass balustrading system makes it possible to install it anywhere. The glass balustrading system is ideal to use in places such as:

  • Balconies. While you enjoy the uninterrupted views, glass balustrade also provides an excellent barrier for your balconies. At the same time, it gives the feeling of a larger open space.
  • Staircases. When installed around the staircases, they provide a magnificent look and a floating impression. For more safety, rails can be used on top of the balustrades.
  • Pool fencing. The uninterrupted views mean you can watch all the activities around the pool from a distance. Besides, you can see the beauty and the sparkling water of the pool from a balcony or garden.

If you are looking for a fencing system with unobstructed views, glass balustrade will be an excellent choice to achieve your objective. Besides, use of glass means there will be less maintenance since it is rust-free and is not easily affected by harsh weather conditions.

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