Preparing for surgery

Ways to Keep Your Calm Before Surgery

Undergoing a surgical procedure, even a minor one, can be terrifying. It is incredibly common for patients needing an operation to feel anxious even if the big day is still far away. How can you put yourself at ease if you learn that there is a need to undergo surgery in the future?

Pre-surgical anxiety can have many causes. Some are afraid of the unknown, while others fear losing control over the situation. Some people are afraid of the pain, while others are anxious about the procedure being unsuccessful. Some fear surgery after experiencing a traumatic surgical procedure in the past. But there are ways you can keep your calm and deal with your preoperative anxiety better.

Find yourself a reliable surgeon

Your surgeon plays a huge role, as their knowledge and expertise can boost your confidence with regard to the operation. For instance, you are to undergo maxillofacial surgery. Choose a reliable surgeon to perform the surgery. Knowing that your surgeon of choice is an expert you can trust can help lessen your fears and wash your surgical worries away.

Educate yourself the right way

Doing a little Internet research helps you understand your condition better. It allows you to know the possible consequences and risks associated with the surgery. This also gives you an idea of what preparations need to be made beforehand. But like all good things, a mere Google search may only add to your anxiety. The best way to educate yourself is to talk to your healthcare provider and surgeon and ask them directly.

Find natural ways to combat anxiety

Other things can help you lower your stress levels concerning your surgery. For one, you can do meditation exercises and yoga to clear your mind and reduce your blood pressure. A quick trip to the spa for a relaxing massage is also a nice way to relieve stress. Being in nature is another remedy to ease anxiety. By doing relaxation techniques that work for you, you can prepare yourself mentally and psychologically for the surgery.

AnxiousWrite a journal

Writing down how you feel helps you keep a record of your struggles. By letting your worries flow from your mind to paper, you can focus your energy on something productive. This also helps you analyze what your fears are about, letting you address them accordingly. Documenting your fears and emotions also helps soften your feelings and process your anxiety. You will be surprised how writing a journal about your pre-surgical fears can help you overcome dread, stress, and tension.

Seek support from loved ones

The support of the people you love and trust can greatly help you with fighting off pre-surgical stress. Know that support can come in different ways. Some find that having their loved one accompany them on the day of the surgery greatly helps with managing stress. You can even ask them how they dealt with anxiety when they had to undergo surgery themselves. Even their gentle reminders and concerns can make you feel loved and encourage you to trust your surgeon.

There are other ways you can address your fears before undergoing necessary surgery. But if you need simple anxiety relievers, you can use this list as your guide. By acknowledging your fears, you are accepting the fact that you need to do something and may even need the support of others to go through these challenging times.

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