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What Is Decal Wallpaper?

Interior spaces look more elegant, serene, or lively when covered with wallpaper. With decal wallpaper or wall decals, designing rooms seem more natural and convenient than with paint. There is this sort of consistency in color and material that makes wallpaper more suiting to the user.

More About Wall Decals

Wall decals are primarily made to add aesthetic value to home designs. Coming in different sizes and styles, they may be in text form, colors, illustrations, and even photographic images. The flexibility of wallpaper makes decals a favorite choice to produce a number of art configurations or designs that fit a room’s character.

Wall decals are mostly made of vinyl or a laminate. Adhesives come in the form of paste or reusable paste. Unlike paint, wall decals are easy to install, requiring only a few hours of work. They are not expensive as well.

Wall Decals vs. Wall Stickers

You simply stick stickers, while you transfer decals. Stickers come with adhesives already on their back. Decals can be moved from one surface to another. To do this, you need the sticker between backing paper and a transfer surface.

People often switch a decal with a sticker. Or they think that a decal is the same as a sticker. However, this is due to how different places use the two terms. In America, we use the term “decal,” while in Europe, they mostly use the term “sticker.” However, Europeans actually use “transfer sticker” as the decal itself. It just so happens that transfer stickers and stickers per se are used as “stickers.”

Installing Wall Decals

Man carrying wallpaper rollsThe size of the wall you are putting decals on should be your first concern. Before you start searching for designs and comparing prices, make sure that you measure it so that you have enough wallpaper with you. It also helps to know the area of the wall as there are some designs that may suit you, which can be hard to cut or fit into your wall.

Picking the right design that matches the wall’s size and appearance matter, too. Apart from using decals because of their relative cost effectiveness with paint, pick decals that define you or those that are better suited to a part of the home. Decals with quotes or that are colorful are best for bedrooms. A kitchen appears nicer with a decal with ornate illustrations that match the tiles’ design.

You might also want to consider a decal that is semi-permanent or one that is reusable. Many removable decals are made for reuse. Reusable decals can be cleaned or washed to look new again and transferred from one wall to another. Dry off the wall first before installing. A semi-permanent decal, on the other hand, needs only to be dipped in water to soften the paste. A semi-permanent decal is not reusable, though.

Decal wallpaper is a very efficient interior design component. More convenient to install and remove than paint, it is perfect in styling rooms and areas of the home. When buying wall decals, make sure that you have the correct measurements, style objectives, and, of course, fewer dollars.

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