What is the Best Age for a Child to Visit an Orthodontist?

OrthodontistsHave you noticed increasing numbers of kids wearing braces these days? Parents are wondering when is the right age for a child to first visit an orthodontist as orthodontic treatment can play a huge role in the appearance and dental health of young children. There is no set age for a child’s first visit to the orthodontist, although the American Association of Orthodontists suggests that the best age for children to be seen by an orthodontist for the first time is 7 years old. Although not all orthodontic problems can be fixed at this age, it is a good starting point for issues such as an uneven bite or overcrowded teeth to be identified.

A smile that lasts for a lifetime requires straight teeth and properly aligned jaws. The process of teeth alignment in children begins with the eruption of baby teeth. A qualified orthodontist can examine your child’s teeth and determine through a series of observations (i.e. they way they are aligned, when and how they fall out, how much room is left for the emergence of adult teeth), whether your child requires orthodontic treatment. Dr. Jeanine McGinty and her experienced team of dental specialists at Liverpool Smile Studio will decide whether there may underlying problems with your children’s teeth requiring orthodontic treatment.

Your child may or may not need orthodontic work but this will be determined by the orthodontist. The transition from primary teeth to permanent teeth is a very important stage for a child’s oral health, as primary teeth usually set the foundation for permanent teeth and their positions in the mouth. An orthodontic examination may be in order if your child experiences one or more tooth-related problems such as crowded or spaced teeth, difficulty chewing or biting, difficulty talking, protruded front teeth, breathing through the mouth or sucking their thumb among others. Even if your child’s teeth look straight, there might be underlying problems.

Visiting an orthodontist at an early age does not mean that your child will necessarily get braces. Only the orthodontist will be able to trace any problems and suggest appropriate individual treatment.

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