What Makes a Good Night’s Sleep

The average human being spends 1/3 of his or her life sleeping. When we sleep, all we normally think about is just lying down and tucking in, but do we actually pay attention to our bed? Well, we do, in a way that we always treat it as the place we cannot let go of in the morning. But what else should we think about other than that?

Do your backs or necks ache often and the only thing you can blame is an awkward sleep? Is your mattress not comfortable enough or are your sheets too rough? Do you sometimes wish you're tucked in a king-sized bed with bamboo sheets instead?

Here's a simple guide on what your bedding should be like to ensure a good night's sleep:

Mattress and Pillow

Seeing at least a dozen different types of mattresses in a store or showroom can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you don't have a specific type in mind. You may tend to look for the one you've always slept on and miss out on the others that can be way better.

Innerspring beds are the best-selling types because of their affordability, and they've been around for so long (since the 1900s). Steel coils are inside this mattress, which makes it feel bouncy. This type of bed may wear out easily, though, as you'd notice on the squeaking sound it gives off after some time.

The memory foam mattress is becoming more popular. It claims to have a lot of benefits, such as pressure point relief and proper spinal alignment. When you lay on a memory foam mattress, it sinks lower than an innerspring and you'd feel the mattress taking on your shape. The softness and support a memory foam mattress provides are ideal for side-sleepers and those with body pain problems.

Memory foam pillows are the same. It takes on your head's and neck's contours and relieves pressure and pain. If you have a sleeping partner who moves around a lot, the effects on you could be little to none because this foam type absorbs energy.  

If you want a cooler sleep, maybe the gel type mattress will suit you. This type of mattress has a gel infused within, which makes it naturally cooler. It will warm up after some time, but you'd likely be already asleep when it does.

A latex mattress is considered a natural type because natural latex is a by-product a rubber tree's sap. There's also a synthetic type, however. So, be sure to look for the natural variety if you're conscious about this matter.

Latex foams also have therapeutic benefits like the memory foam, but this one is bouncier and retains less heat. Memory foams may trap more heat because of their density, so if you're looking for something that feels almost like memory foam but cooler, go for latex.

Bed Sheets

Now that organic products are on the rise, the bedsheet companies have also done their share. Bamboo sheets are made without harmful chemicals and some types are made from 100% bamboo, while others are a combination of bamboo and linen and bamboo and cotton.

Bamboo sheets require a different type of care than other types of sheets, so be sure to follow washing instructions carefully so that it won't lose their amazing softness.

If you're looking for sheets and comforters that promise a better sleep and a contribution to nature care, consider bamboo sheets. Other sheet types may offer the same qualities, but giving back to the environment could give an even better sleep than you expect.

Now that there are options laid out for you, you can start checking your bedding to see if it's the one giving you sleep issues. Perhaps you're too hot or too cold during the night, or your sheets are no longer as soft as before. Invest in your sleep and go for the sheets that you, your body, and perhaps even the earth, would love.

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