Refinancing your mortgage

What to Ask Yourself Before Applying for a Mortgage Refinance?

Applying a refinance in Louisville, Indianapolis, Detroit, or any major American city through providers like is the norm these days. It allows you to ditch your old mortgage for a new one with potentially a better interest rate and term. If you have built plenty of home equity over the years, you may have the option to cash some or all of it out.

But then again, a refi isn’t for everyone. Before you pull the trigger on it, ask yourself these important questions first:

Am I Bound to Pay for Higher Interest Soon?

Refinancing your adjustable-rate mortgage is a smart strategy if its “honeymoon” period is about to expire. There’s no telling whether the interest would go up or down, but a significant increase can hurt your budget for many months. A refi gives you the opportunity to switch from having an adjustable rate to a fixed one. This way, you can enjoy security and peace of mind over the long term.

How Long Have I Had My Mortgage?

In a typical fixed-rate mortgage amortization schedule, most of your initial payments go toward the interest. You would only start making considerable reductions to your balance in the middle of the term. It’s designed to way to minimize the risk the lender has to take from loaning you a large sum of money. A refinance can help save you on interest, but do the math first because applying for it resets the clock of your loan.

Do I Have Good Credentials to Qualify?

Refinances have practically similar qualifications for borrowers as ordinary mortgages. Don’t assume that your application would be approved automatically just because you’ve passed in the past. Like before, you need to have a good credit score, stable employment, adequate income, and sufficient assets among others.

A refinance is an excellent option to reduce your mortgage expenses in many ways. Assess your current situation and think with the foresight to determine whether it’s worth the risk of renewing your loan or not.

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