What You May Not Know About Gardening

Garden Designers in Kent Many people do gardening as a hobby. To some, it is a therapy or a way to de-stress from all the tensions of work and personal issues. As a gardener, there are certain facts that you may not know about but will surely interest you as you read along. Here are some surprising facts about gardening:

  1. Twigs can save your plants from worm-attack

Worms attack plants by enclosing the stem with their bodies.  After which, they eat it causing damage to the entire plant. To save your plant, place a twig next to the stem to make it bigger. This way, the worms can’t wrap their bodies around it. A good landscape can also save your garden from various pest attacks. Are you looking for an experienced garden designer? There are several experts in Kent and nearby counties, like Oakleigh Manor.

  1. Sound affects plant growth

According to some studies, vibration affects plant growth. Human voice and music can make plants grow better than those unexposed to such sounds. Just make sure that you talk to your plants in a pleasant voice. Playing sweet music can also help them grow a few more inches.

  1. Some kitchen wastes are source of nutrients to your plants

Fruits and vegetable peels, as well as eggshells, are organic matters.  As they decompose, they break down and release mineral nutrients which plants need to grow well. Simply mix these kitchen wastes to your garden soil. No need of composting.

  1. Women love gardening

It was found out that most gardeners are women being 54 percent of the respondents surveyed; of which 68 percent are in their mid-forties. Surprisingly, 64 percent of them are married.

  1. A soil’s pH level affects a flower’s colour

An acidic soil produces blue flowers while the more alkaline one yields pink blooms. You can also achieve blue flowers by applying more organic matter to the soil. But, you have to be patient, as it takes time to achieve the desired pH level.

Gardening can be tiring but exhilarating when you see the fruit of your labour. You don’t need to have a green thumb to succeed in this activity. All you need is time, patience, and dedication.


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