Water Rafting

White Water Rafting with Kids? Why Not!

Water RaftingWhite water rafting is an exceptionally unique and fun way to bond with your family and the great outdoors. Imagine you and your kids floating down the mighty Colorado River and experiencing Mother Nature like never before.

Although some white water rafting outfitters require strict restrictions on children’s ages and weight, there are some that offer trips for the entire family that even your 5-year-old kid can enjoy. But, aside from the general safety measures everyone should follow, you, as a parent, must also take into consideration the following safety precautions specifically for your children. American Adventure Expeditions says these include the following:

Knowing Your Limitations

Generally, Class II to III rapids are recommended for smaller children, but age and weight will still be dependent on your chosen outfitter. Older teens, depending on their experience, can try Classes IV to V. Preferably, ask your outfitter what rafts are going to be used and get particular information on the best whitewater rafting trips suitable for your brood as well as general water conditions before heading out.

Preparing Your Children

Coming prepared will absolutely make a huge difference. Make sure your children understand exactly what they are going to be doing. Also, they should know all about the general safety rules for white water rafting even if they’re going to be hearing about it from your guide later on again.

Maintaining the Proper Ratio for Adults to Kids

It is best to have a close or equal ratio of adults to kids, so if anything happens while out in the rapids, every adult will only have to focus on one or two kids. Check with your outfitter for their specific recommendations on this according to the river you’ve decided to explore.

Proper Positioning

Whenever possible, smaller kids must be positioned on the center or closest to the raft’s center since adults can easily maintain their balance on rough rapids, while smaller kids can’t.

Finally, your outfitter should provide you with all the required safety gear for rafting. Follow these safety measures carefully and you’re sure to have the best time of your life with your kids.

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