Why oral health needn’t end with tooth loss

Single Tooth ImplantLose your teeth, and you might think your oral health is over. However, in the modern day and age tooth loss does not need to mean the end of your oral health – nor the end of your ability to eat healthily, smile, speak, and laugh with confidence.

With dental implants, a dentist has a permanent way to replace your missing teeth. The first step in successful dental implant treatment is finding a reputable and experienced implant dentist who has a track record of successful restorations and all the experience, facilities, and technology to suit your personal requirements.

The implantology team at Sheen Dental have a long track-record in placing implants successfully, and can treat even complex cases requiring bone grafts to give back enough density to the jaw bone so that it can support implants, maximising the chances of your treatment being successful in the long-term.

There are many advantages to be gained from implant treatment, and it’s best to look at it as an investment in not just your oral health, but in your general health and wellbeing and indeed your future. While it’s true that the cost of implants may initially seem a lot higher than traditional bridges or dentures, unlike these restorations implants and teeth attached to them are designed to be long-term solutions to tooth loss – in many cases lasting a lifetime.

What’s involved

Placing dental implants involves a minor operation, which can be carried out under local anaesthetic or sedation. Once in situ your implants will heal and mesh with your bone, creating a support that is akin to that of natural tooth roots for your permanent false teeth to be attached to.

When just one tooth is missing, for example after an accident, dentists commonly place a single implant and a crown. In the case of patients with several or all their natural teeth, a series of these bionic tooth roots and either an implant-secured bridge or denture may be used.

After healing, your new teeth will act like natural teeth. You can eat what you choose, speak and smile with new-found confidence. You will also need to attend regular maintenance appointments to keep your implants healthy.

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