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Why You Should Choose Bamboo as a Home Building Material

Bamboos are more than just food to adorable pandas; these are also great home building materials. It can be used for fences, makeshift garden walls, and other home improvement purposes. You can also find bamboo panels for sale in many hardware and home improvement stores in NZ.

For one thing, bamboo is a versatile and sustainable material. There are more than 1,000 bamboo species in the world, of which majority grows in Asia, the Americas, Australia, and most parts of Africa since thousands of years ago. Not only is it used in building and flooring but also in other consumer products such as houseware, furniture, and even clothing.

Benefits of bamboo as a home building material

Using bamboo as a home building materials offer several benefits as compared to using other building materials like lumber. These include the following.

1. It is environmentally-friendly.

For one thing, bamboo is actually a grass, not a type of wood. Unlike trees where we get wood, bamboo grows fast enough to be harvested around three years to be used for construction and consumer products. It can be harvested several times without creating a negative impact on the environment.

2. It is sturdier than wood.

Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is actually sturdier than wood even if the former is considered grass and not a wood variant. In fact, bamboo is also said to be up to three times harder and stronger than lumber. It is also a great fence material that can resist strong winds if installed properly. Plus, it is resistant to termites and other environmental damage due to its silica content.

3. It is highly-recyclable and sustainable.

During a construction project, wood and other building material remnants become useless — even become safety hazards — and end up being thrown in landfills. On the contrary, bamboo is completely recyclable. In fact, it can last for many years due to its durable composition. It is easy to use and assemble for other purposes such as fencing and other minor home improvement projects.

4. It is innovative.

More and more builders and architects are beginning to see the benefits of using bamboo as a sustainable building material. As mentioned, bamboo is an eco-friendly material that is more durable than traditional wood. With the rising environmental awareness among individuals and organizations alike, it is no wonder bamboo will be the next big thing in the world of construction and home improvement.

Other uses of bamboo

fabric made of bamboo material

Aside from using it as a construction material, bamboo is also being used for other purposes. For one, bamboo fabric has antibacterial properties and is also said to be softer and smoother than cotton.

You can find apparel and clothing made from a bamboo fabric in many retail stores. Even if the process of making bamboo fabric may not be as eco-friendly, it is still a great fabric material that can compete with traditional fabrics such as cotton and silk.

Bamboo is also used as home décor, furniture, and kitchenware. Unlike plastic, bamboo is lead-free and has no Bisphenol-A, which makes it safe to be used for eating. It is indeed one of the most innovative and eco-friendly material individuals, and various industries can benefit from.

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