Why You Should Not Say You Dislike Your Engagement Ring Too Soon

engagement ring in a heart-shaped box

There are things we like and we don’t. Sometimes, we tend to be frank and tell outright that we dislike something. But what if you do not like something that is given by your significant other, such as an engagement ring? Will you have the courage to say it?

How long should you wait before telling your future spouse that you do not like your engagement ring? Some experts suggested that you should wait for at least a week or two before airing your sentiments.

When some time has passed, be sensitive about telling them the truth, particularly when the issue revolves around the appearance or cost of the ring. You would not want to start your engagement with a misunderstanding.

Finecraft Jewellery explains that whilst buying an attractive ring from a trusted jeweller is a great idea, the recipient may like or dislike the item depending on their personal taste and preferences.

Stressful Time

It takes some courage for your loved one to ask the big question, so you could only imagine how stressful it was for them to prepare everything prior to the proposal, which includes finding the right ring. In most cases, you will need to wait for a week since your partner would likely ask your opinion about their choice.

This is the right time to speak up, but make sure it will not come across as a big deal, particularly when it comes to the price. You should know by now that the fact that he wants to marry you and give you a good life is more important than the price of the ring.

Fewer men are spending three months’ worth of their salary to buy an expensive engagement ring, and it is a more practical choice for many. Couples can just use the money they saved to cover other expenses related to their wedding preparation.

woman being surprised by her lover with an engagement ring

If you and your partner have talked about engagement, you could avoid the problem of not liking the ring by simply choosing and buying it together. You could shop together for modern or vintage engagement rings in Hatton Garden, where prices could be more affordable than other shops in London. This is a good way to save money and avoid conflicts in the future.

Average Cost

Surveys show that most Britons are no longer following the proverbial three-month rule of spending their salaries on an engagement. The average amount spent on a ring is between £1,040 and £1,480, but some people spend way below the average price.

If a ring’s appearance matters more than its value, then choosing your own will be a better alternative. It takes out the element of surprise, but you no longer need to worry about wearing a ring that does not suit your taste.

Honesty and communication are important when giving your opinion, but a tactful approach should be considered in any situation. There is an appropriate time for everything. Remember to be cautious when telling your significant other about your taste and preferences when it comes to rings and anything related to weddings.

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