Pizza Franchise

Why You Should Open a Pizza Franchise

In the USA, pizza sales are worth $45.73 billion. Pizza remains as the food that most Americans love. This is based on a 2018 report by Eat This magazine, a quarterly magazine that focuses on nutrition, health, wellness, recipes, food news, and food hacks.

Pizzerias have been dominating the food scene in the USA for many years now. Independent pizza restaurant franchises and top American pizza chains are not far from each other when it comes to market share. That’s why the information provided by both PMQ and Eat This magazines is not a surprise. And that’s also one of the reasons why opening a pizza restaurant is a good idea. You can’t go wrong. Here are other reasons why purchasing a pizza franchise is an excellent opportunity for you:

Brand Recognition

With a franchise business, you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch and building a name. You also don’t have to think about getting your restaurant getting recognized by customers. They already know the brand and its products. New franchise owners like you will gain the benefit of an established customer base.

Product and Service Consistency

Customers care only about eating the same quality of service and pizza they can get from your restaurant, not at who runs the place. They are after that consistency that all restaurants under a franchise offer.

Turnkey Business

A turnkey business is designed to be sold as a completed product. A pizza franchise is a turnkey business because it already has a proven system, menu, design, policies, services, and prices. These elements are already part of the franchise deal.

In-depth Training

Another part of the franchise deal is the training provided for you and your staff. This will teach you and your employees everything you need to know about the pizza franchise you bought and how to operate it.

Training can last for a few weeks to a few months, depending on the franchisor. It can include classes, on-the-job training, and shadowing.


Easier Financing

Banks and lenders often scrutinize the profitability of a potential business before approving loan applications. But with a proven franchise business, you will find it easier to get funds for your business. Like customers, banks, and lending companies can recognize the success of a business and will be more than open to provide financial assistance.

Lower Inventory Prices

Franchisors provide products and ingredients to their franchisees at a fraction of the original cost. Because of the number of restaurants they have to supply, they purchase their items by the bulk. This buying method will lower inventory prices, and that means discounted costs for you, too.

Additional Tools and Resources

You can have peace of mind with a pizza franchise business. There are a lot of business elements that you don’t have to worry about. Franchisors include this in the franchise deal because they also want you to succeed in your business. Your success is also the success of the franchise as a whole.

A franchisor will provide you with operating manuals, brand standards, opening strategies, POS marketing plans, equipment, design, and layout of retail space, and marketing and advertising plans, and continued support.

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