With Corrective Jaw Surgery, You Not Only Regain Function but Also an Improved Appearance

DentistDo you find it difficult to chew and swallow your food? Do you have a hard time breathing? Do you notice an excessive wear of your teeth?

If you experience these conditions while having deformities or defects in your jaw, you may need for a corrective jaw surgery. These defects may have been inborn or a result of an injury. Some of these faults may include a protruding jaw, a receding lower jaw, and unbalanced upper and lower teeth.

A Corrective Jaw Surgery May Be the Solution

Unless you address these oral issues through rehabilitation or oral surgery, Salt Lake City dentists will tell you that you’ll always endure these difficulties. Continued erosion of your misaligned teeth may lead to other dental problems such as gum disease or tooth decay. It’s not uncommon to experience some pain and discomfort due to these conditions.

Your regular dentist will be in the best position to assess your oral condition based on examination during your regular dental visits. You dentist will explain fully the details of your condition and when merited, may recommend that you undergo oral surgery to correct your deficiencies. Unless your dentist possesses the necessary qualifications, he or she may have to work with an orthodontist and an oral surgeon.

The Corrective Jaw Procedure

Working together, your dental health providers may determine the best type of corrective jaw surgical procedure for you. They’ll explain that this process may take some time, often lasting for several years. Most likely, orthodontic works may have to be performed before and after surgery.

The procedure would involve the repositioning of the entire jaw or it could just be the upper or lower jaw. The whole procedure may be carried out inside the mouth, which means there will be no visible scars. The operation would be done in a hospital and may require a recovery period of six weeks at most.

More than Just Functional Benefits

When undergo surgery for your oral problem, you may get more than just having a healthy and functional teeth and jaw. You may also get to experience a vastly improved appearance and speech. Wouldn’t that be wonderful, like hitting two birds with one stone!

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