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Write More Letters To Revive a Dying Art Form

Thanks to email and social media, communication is easier. All you need to do to send a message is type down your thoughts. No need to use paper, scratch out a few mistakes, and invest in fancy stationery. Just press SEND, and that’s it.

In terms of business transactions, online messaging is a godsend. But is it the same for special messages for your loved ones?

The Dying Art of Letter Writing

The Telegraph’s article entitled Letter Writing Becoming a Dying Art discussed the poll commissioned by World Vision, a Christian development, relief, and advocacy organization dedicated overcoming poverty. According to the article, a number of children have written more emails or messages on social networking sites compared to handwritten messages.

World Vision believed that letter writing is a key point in improving literacy, as well as building stronger personal relationships in children.

Even the adults prefer to write more emails than letters and cards. Time is of the essence; it makes more sense to send a birthday emoji rather than write on fancy stationery decked with decorative multipurpose adhesive sheets.

Letter writing, however, is beneficial to the mind, body, and soul.

Why Bother With Letters

Woman writing a letter to a loved oneFirst, writing by hand is good for your memory. By creating individual letters, you are exercising your memory recall, which can also help improve your spelling and memory of addresses and names.

Second, it allows for relaxation and reflection. Composing a letter encourages you to pause and reflect about the person you’re writing to. You can slow down and sip a cup of hot coffee while you think about all your good memories.

Third, it shows how much you care. Today’s oversimplified communication has made a simple “Hi” on email a big deal. Imagine the powerful message you convey when you write down your thoughts for another person and physically deliver the note to them or send it via post. The obvious effort says it all.

Finally, you provide the receiver with a written memento of yourself. Letters show the receiver your thoughts during the time you wrote them. Online writing can only be supplemented with words and pictures. Handwritten notes, on the other hand, plays with the five senses. The scent of perfume, a lipstick smudge, or an accidental coffee stain makes it more personal.

Reviving The Art Before It Is Lost

Letter writing need not be a boring hobby. It depends on how you approach this subtle form of art.

Letters are customizable, which means there’s no limit to personalization. Handwritten letters possess more personal aesthetics compared to emojis and different fonts.

Start with the paper. If you’re feeling fancy, buy pretty stationery that suits you or the receiver. Envelopes and stationery paper are available in different designs. On the other hand, if you’d rather keep it simple but creative, you can write on cardboard or fabric and decorate it yourself. Postcards are also another great option.

Be more personal with your thoughts and greetings. Revived the dying art of letter writing by writing more letters today.

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