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Great Tips for Young Mothers

Being a new mother is one of the most exciting, nerve-wracking experiences in any woman’s life. Here are three tips to consider to make this process the best it can be.

Putting Yourself First

If you have ever been on a flight, you will have noticed an instruction booklet behind the passenger seat in front of you. Along with many others things, it contains information on how to deal with an emergency. In instances where there is a loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling. In cases like these, an adult should put on his mask first and only place one on his children.

But why is that? Isn’t it selfish for a parent to think of his well-being before that of his kids? Answers to these and other questions vary depending on whom you ask. Still, most will agree with the basic premise that if you cannot take proper care of yourself, you won’t take care of others.

The same is true for new mothers. Even though your instincts might tell you that your baby is the most important thing in the world, your priority should be your own health both before and after giving birth. If you start having severe back pain or compromised breathing or notice muscle imbalances in your body, you might have scoliosis. If that is the case, you should consult with a reputable clinic with expertise in non-invasive scoliosis treatments. They will help you deal with this issue and guide you on the steps to take to guarantee a safe pregnancy and the best possible delivery.

Remember, by putting yourself first, you give your child the greatest gift possible, the chance of a good start in life.

Finding a Balance

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Among many other things, Wonder Woman’s powers include stunning beauty, ancient and modern forms of combat, superhuman strength, fast healing, and even flight. Sadly, she isn’t a real person but rather a beacon of hope, a symbol of what women worldwide can aspire to be.

Unless you are a little girl who still believes in Santa Claus, you already know this. Yet, many women in the 21st century think they can be the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the perfect employee, and the perfect friend all at the same time. They take on much more than they can handle, and when the results are less than what they expect, they blame themselves for not being good or strong enough.

It is a common occurrence among new mothers, especially those living in developed cities and countries. They want to cherish every single moment they have with their kids without giving up their jobs. They wish to maintain the romance in their marriage but still have time for their friends. While this is highly admirable, it isn’t the best way.

Instead, the key lies in finding a balance and understanding that motherhood brings about change. And this change is not necessarily a bad thing. It is a chance to evolve and adapt to the circumstances. It is an opportunity to become a better person and learn to prioritize. You can still be an exceptional employee, albeit with a shorter schedule. You can still have dates with your husband, just not as many as before.

Timing is Everything

The weight of the average newborn baby is around seven pounds. Yet, most women gain almost 30 pounds during their pregnancy. This is mainly due to the extra fluid in their bodies needed for the amniotic fluid, the placenta, and the baby’s proper circulation.

Unless you starve yourself for a month, chances are you will not lose 30 pounds in less than a minimum of three to four months. And you shouldn’t. After all, you need to be well-nourished and strong to not only breastfeed your child but also change his diapers, put him to bed, bathe him, and take care of your physical health.

Most women want to get back on the horse as quickly as possible. Whether this means going back to the office or putting on your favorite pair of jeans, they can’t wait to resume the lives they had before they got pregnant.

Yet, what is the rush? The average American female lives around 80 years, more if she is cautious about her health and finances. What are two to three months longer at the house if it guarantees that you will be healthy and in optimum condition when you do go back? If the belly fat goes away a bit later than you hoped for, will this have tragic consequences on your life?

Three important tips for new mothers are putting themselves first, finding a balance in their lives, and having the patient and wisdom to wait. These are simple, easy-to-follow pointers for a happier, more prosperous motherhood.

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