Dream House

Your Dream House Comes in One- or Two-Storey Versions

Dream HouseHaving the correct architectural structure of a house is difficult to come up with. Nonetheless, deciding on the style of your home can become easier by considering some important factors before the construction.

Novus Homes discusses the merits of these factors below.

Single storey versus Two Storey House

Age of the household is important because individuals in extreme age groups prefer a single-storey design. The elderly prefer a house without stairs, because it is more convenient and effortless. Similarly, a household with several kids optimally has only one floor to prevent injuries caused by accidents when taking the stairs.

Another factor in selecting a home is the price. A common misconception is that a two-storey house costs twice as much as a one-floor house. Unbeknownst to some,
construction expenses highly depend on the materials and location instead of the number of floors. Enormous single storey homes are sometimes built with larger blocks that cost more. Hence, it is crucial to determine the total expenses based on the price of the lot and construction materials.

You should also consider the number of people in the household. If there are four members or less, a single storey floor can provide enough space for everyone. But if the household size is more than 12, having two floors is preferable if you cannot expand the length.

Account for the preference of all members. You should not be the sole person deciding, because your choice of house will greatly affect the entire household in the long run.

How Do You Know That This is the Right House?

After considering all the factors stated above, it is time to construct your dream house. If you prefer a house with greater length, various Perth 2-storey homebuilders can help you right away. These skilled professionals specialize on building residential homes.

Always remember that building a house requires financial and emotional investment. Hence, you must consult with expert homebuilders prior to construction get your dream house.

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