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Your Guide to Surviving a Long Layover

Anyone who has to travel frequently faces a long layover at least once. Usually, the thought of a long layover is a nightmare to the jaded traveller. But those who need to travel frequently know that sometimes layovers are unavoidable. The best way to deal with them is to learn how to make them enjoyable. Some airports make this easier, especially if they are large and have excellent services. If you are flying through Singapore, the airport hotels you will find there are going to be good enough to vacation in. But if you are stuck in a small airport in the middle of nowhere, dealing with long layovers becomes even harder. These are some things that you can do to survive a long layover at any airport:

Go into a lounge

Usually, passengers are not well aware of all the lounge options at large international airports. Not all of them are extremely expensive. Some lounges are very affordable for anyone and can be a good idea for a few hours. They come with comfortable chairs where you can lie back and take a nap, a reading room where you can get work done, and usually a free buffet. Instead of having to worry about your luggage and losing sleep over it, you can check your luggage into a locker room and safely take a nap in a non-crowded space. If you prefer working during sleeping time, you will benefit from the unlimited coffee.

Get out of the airport


Most airports allow you to leave the premises if you have a long layover. This might be a perfect opportunity to explore a new city in a few hours. Just make sure that you have a visa that will allow you to leave. Also, before leaving the airport, find out whether the city is easily accessible from the airport. The worst thing is missing the second leg of the flight and getting stranded in an unknown place.

Give yourself a treat

Most airports have many options for giving yourself a treat. From massage chairs to spas where you can get a refreshing treatment, there’s always something to do at a large airport. If you are strapped for cash, you can also go window shopping at a duty-free shop. There are also fine dining restaurants that you can check out. If you know that you’re going to have a long layover, consult airport guidebooks so that you know the best places where you can eat.

Get a workout

Getting a workout during a layover is a smart idea as it will help relax your muscles. You won’t suffer from some of the horrible side effects of flying such as sore legs, cramps, or fatigue upon landing. Some airports have a gym. But even if they don’t, just walking from terminal to terminal for 30 minutes might be enough exercise.

There are always things to do at an airport if you know where to look. If nothing else works, you can always hang out at a bar or cafe and make a new friend. Some of the most interesting conversations usually take place at airports.

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