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Your Wedding is Near! Avoid Being a Bridezilla

As you count the days leading to your big day, you might not help but feel different kinds of emotions. Excited, because it’s only a matter of weeks or days before you finally walk down the aisle and say your “I do’s.” You might also be very excited to wear that dress you bought from the best bridal gown shop in Provo.

At the same time, you might also feel anxious because you think that something might go wrong. What if it rains during the day itself? What if the visitors do not like the food? What if your soon-to-be husband does not arrive?

It is only natural for brides-to-be to get anxious as the wedding day approaches. However, some brides might take it to the extreme and become a nightmare to their suppliers and family members.

Are you a bridezilla?

Excessive anxiety can become toxic; it’s not cute anymore. Hopefully, you have not turned into a bridezilla yet. Here are some signs that you have already turned into a bride from the depths of Hades:

  • You wanted everything to be perfect, to the point that you get mad at your suppliers and even your relatives for the slightest delays and mistakes.
  • Your wedding is so lavish, your guests and bridesmaids took extra jobs to afford it.
  • Your wedding vendors and suppliers seem to be avoiding you and your demanding SMSes and emails.
  • You want only the gifts you have listed on the gift registry and nothing else. You don’t care if the items are expensive and affordable for your guests as long as you get what you want.
  • You’re focusing too much on dieting just to make your dress fit perfectly.

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Relax, don’t be a bridezilla

Planning for a wedding can indeed be stressful. After all, all soon-to-be-wed couples want their weddings to be as perfect as they dreamed it would be. But sometimes, you should take a break and relax so that you won’t look haggard on your wedding day. Here are some things that can help you calm down and avoid transforming into a bridezilla:

1. Avoid being a perfectionist.

The adage “no one is perfect” seems to be a cliché, but it can help a lot for you to relax. The design pegs you see on Pinterest might not help, especially if you want to achieve it down to its details. You can draw inspiration from it but make it your own.

2. Get some help.

You don’t have to do things on your own. That is why wedding vendors are there to help you to achieve your dream wedding. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help from your family, friends, and partner to get things done.

3. Look at the bright side of things.

Some delays and hassles can happen along the way. They can indeed cause stress on your part, but you will surely get over them eventually. Soon enough, such incidents will only be something you’ll laugh about with your friends and family. The more important thing is that you and your partner got married and are your way to a happily ever after.

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