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3 Auto Junk that Happened to be Unique Treasures Discovered in Junkyards

Scrap YardMany new car owners think that getting good finds is possible from Perth auto wreckers. Wrecking yards seem to have junk parts, but they are actually the best places to find affordable and vintage car accessories considered legendary because of their rarity.

In fact, some people have already found buried treasures in these scrap yards, JTW Autoparts notes. Incredible finds like:

1. Frank Sinatra Cassette Console

Fans of the fabled singer will definitely want to own one of these consoles. These limited edition cassette tape consoles, with 10 cassette tapes included, are only available in 278 Chrysler cars called Frank Sinatra Edition Imperial. Produced in 1981 and 1982, this special edition batch has the elegant console with Frank Sinatra’s signature etched on the cover. Its fender also has the FS emblem considered as the line’s label.

Resources state that the Chrysler chairman at that time was friends with the celebrity. One lucky guy got this limited edition vehicle and took out the console to install on his own project.

2. Car Prototypes

Car prototypes are vehicle models made with features that will undergo testing before they hit the market. Prototypes may undergo production or not. Prototypes, as models, are useless either way. They will end up in wrecking yards like in the case of Lamborghini.

Lamborghini has its private wrecking yard where a prototype of its Espada model, one of its vintage best sellers from late 1960s to 1970s, ended up. They salvaged this prototype kept it in Lamborghini’s museum.

3. Luxury Vintage Cars

Vintage cars cost a fortune, unless you can get them from a wrecking yard. Stories of custom car lovers find old vehicles in yards to restore and modify them have inspired countless auto enthusiasts to try their luck in wrecking yards. A popular project is the 1948 Buick Streamliner. Restored by Norman E. Timbs, this Buick model has remarkable curves that make it a timeless collectible for car enthusiasts.

A person’s trash is another man’s treasure, as the quote says. Finding several vintage and collectible treasures is possible by checking scrap yards in Perth, whether you’re into just replacing a part for function or in restoring a vehicle.

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