Buying Art

The Truth Behind Buying Art

Buying ArtImagine you’re talking to someone who likes to buy art, and you’re interviewing him. When you ask why he does it, you might think he’d say something about art becoming more expensive as time goes by, or something like that. But, in reality, most art collectors don’t really think about how much they’ll earn from buying and owning pieces of art.

More of a Hobby, Less of a Business

In a report entitled “Profit or Pleasure? Exploring the Motivations Behind Treasure Trends”, 75% of art collectors interviewed said that they buy art for enjoyment, and only a tenth said that they bought art as an investment. In fact, the value of art is less in money and more for the effect it has to the people who look at it.

Selling art as a business is actually very challenging, and it is driven by strategic thinking and a good taste in art. Many art fairs which sell to collectors also foster a social atmosphere during their fairs. According to, many buyers of modern art feel like this is an important part of the fair, and they often feel like buying a work adds to the energy. Usually, they are not motivated by what they can earn from a painting, but they buy whatever it is that they want to buy. More importantly, they buy something that they want to own, and they don’t see the art they buy as something they can resell later.

Want to Start Your Own Collection?

If you’re thinking about starting your own art collection, buying a piece of modern art is the best choice. It’s not as highbrow as many classical art pieces are, and they deal with ideas and concepts that are more familiar. Modern artists play around with images, ideas, and their own imagination, creating a piece that could even invoke your own emotions and opinions as you look at it. It’s the best kind of art to own if you’re starting out on collecting, because you can easily develop a taste for it and can even help others appreciate it as much as you do. In short, modern art is easy to enjoy.

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