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3 Questions Baby Boomers Should Ask When Downsizing

moving servicesWhen we were little, many of us dreamt of having a big, luxurious, and mansion-like house. Now, however, more baby boomer homeowners are thinking about the opposite as they realize that their lifestyles are changing and they need to move to smaller homes.

If you are among those who come home to a cavernous, empty house, here are some questions to ask yourself before moving to a smaller space:

How Much “Stuff” Can I Bring with Me?

The reality is that you will work through the years to accumulate things. If you’re considering downsizing, though, you need to do away with the stuff you don’t really need and bring only the essentials with you.

Consider the number of people coming with you. If it’s just you, then having extra furniture shouldn’t be too bad. There are so many moving service providers at your disposal, too—call one so you can bring the extras. As you look for smaller homes, make sure to consider how much space you will need for the things you want to bring as well.

Does My Current Neighborhood Still Fit My Needs?

People move to places that are close to good schools, shopping malls, and recreational areas. As you grow older, these things can lose their importance — and new needs will take their place.

Consider your current needs carefully when you’re planning to downsize. Then think five years down the road. Remember this: it’s not just about the house.

How Much Can I Save?

Look around the area you are thinking about moving to. Check everything, including the maintenance costs, the price of the houses, the cost of living, taxes, and the distance to shopping areas and entertainment. Compare the costs to those at your current location and calculate how much you will save by downsizing.

Can I Live with the Lifestyle Change?

If you have been accustomed to living a certain lifestyle where everything is readily available at your fingertips, think of whether you can live with the change.

If you decide to make the change, make sure your new home will still let you do the activities you enjoy the most.

Once you have figured out the answers to these questions, you’re ready to start preparing your actual plan to move to your new home. Good luck!

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