Getting Kids into Sports

Forget the Tablet: Getting Your Kids into Sports

Getting Kids into SportsTablet computers and smartphones are now the biggest distractions. Kids today are already ‘’wired’’ and are likely to choose to be on their couches and beds rather than go outside and play some games. While there’s nothing wrong with exposing your kids to the wonders of technology, getting them to go outside and have some fun with real games will be beneficial for their health.

Getting your kids into sports or any physical activity may be difficult depending on how early you expose them to computer and online games. Don’t give up, as there are some ways that will help you out with it.

The Kid’s Strengths

You don’t choose the sport for your kids; they should be the ones who’ll do it. You will have to serve as their guide, however. Help them identify their skills. If you discover that they’re good at catching, you may suggest baseball or basketball to them. If they can master balance and coordination, you may suggest gymnastics and swimming. If they find one particular sport interesting, give them your full support.

Taking Away Competition

Competition may be one of the things that make sports more exciting. For kids, however, it may discourage them. If this is your child’s case, introduce sports as something that is fun. You may encourage them to partake in activities that can be enjoyed without any completion. Erik’s Bike Shop highly recommends cycling and skateboarding for this.

Avoiding Humiliation

If your kid is just starting to like a particular sport, avoid comparing them with their teammates. Doing this will take a toll on his self-confidence. More importantly, never embarrass your child in front of others. Otherwise, you’re subtly telling your kid that playing sports is just about winning.

These are only some of the tips that will help get your kids into sports. If they want to be serious about it, find them a club that suits their age and skills.

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