3 Reasons You Need a Security System for Your Homes and Business

Security System in Tauranga Early in 2016, a news report included Central Tauranga in the list of New Zealand’s Top 10 places most likely to be robbed or assaulted. The figures were based on the findings from the Statistics New Zealand. In 2015 alone, Central Tauranga reported 167 victims of assault, robbery and sexual assault in public. The recorded rate was 14 times higher than the entire country’s average based on population.

The news stresses the need to for increased security in residential homes, commercial buildings and establishments. Here are 3 no-nonsense reasons why you need to get security alarms in Tauranga or anywhere in New Zealand for both your home and business.

  1. It protects your home and your entire family

The most obvious reason for getting a security alarm system is that it protects your family from intruders. In Erwin Blackstone and Simon Hakim’s book, Securing Home and Business, they explained that homes that don’t have any security systems are 2.7 more likely to be ‘targeted by a burglar’. By simply having a visible security camera outside of your establishment or homes, it helps deter any wrongdoers for the fear of getting caught on tape.

  1. It protects your home and/or establishment from arson

Security products such as CCTV cameras can help prevent any potential arsonist. Security cameras are now able to capture footages of wrongdoers, which make it then easier to pinpoint and catch them in the act. Security cameras also help monitor activities within and outside of business hours. In cases of accidental fires, response teams can get to it faster because it is being monitored 24/7.

  1. It helps you manage electricity usage

A security system can also help you monitor electricity usage in both your homes and commercial establishments. This is great for households and business owners who want to maintain low energy costs, but that’s not all. The system can help you turn off lights or electrical appliances that you forgot to turn off before you left. Another great benefit is the ability to turn on heating and/or cooling equipment before you walk inside your homes. No more freezing or sweating in the hallway.

There are many more reasons why you need a security system in your property but these three are the tops ones you need to remember. It’s a great investment that not only protects your property but also helps increase its value in the market should you decide to rent or sell.

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