Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall: The Best Time to Sell Your Home

Selling Your HomeFound a new home to move to? Congratulations, just in time for the new year! Well, that must mean that you are going to sell your current home soon. If you are, when are you going to?

Some property owners think that as long as there are many houses on the market, joining the bandwagon would be a splendid idea. What they overestimate is the amount of waiting time before their homes are sold. Unless you are working with known agents, such as Prestige Real Estate International LTD, it might not be that easy.

However, there are certain times or seasons that may help you turn some heads.


This is where you’ll find a sudden surge in market listings, as owners who prepared their homes throughout the winter will start to launch their marketing campaigns. While there is more competition at this time of year, sellers are more confident of their chances of securing a purchase. The average selling time during this season is 35 days.


Despite the tidy lawns and thriving gardens, this could be one of the slowest seasons compared to winter and spring, but that does not mean that their prices change as each season passes.


As the weather becomes colder, the real estate market gradually becomes quiet, as homeowners are holding off selling their homes until lawns and gardens are ready for spring again.


While it is true that homes go in and out of the market year-round, a home listing may be a bit slow during the winter holidays, which means less competition. With the right tactics, you can lure a large pool of potential buyers.

There are certain household characteristics that can only be featured during winter and home staging really helps entice potential buyers. Make your house more inviting by lighting a log fire that provides a dramatic ambiance, which people can only see on a cold winter day.

Whether you follow a seasonal market, ultimately, the choice is up to the seller and buyer. Timing it to a certain time of year does not guarantee that you will get the best deal as houses sell all year anyway, but it is good to keep up with trends that may affect people’s perception of your property.

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