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3 Signs of Worn Out Pipes

Knowing how and when to check the integrity of pipes in your home or apartment building is an important life skill to have. You must know how to spot leaks and trace where they are coming from regardless if you are buying a new home or thinking of renovating one.

In Nelson, New Zealand, homeowners rely on plumbing services to handle leaks, burst pipes, clogged drains and other plumbing problems. With enough training and information, you can learn how to spot these issues easily. You can check the crawlspaces, utility rooms, attics or basements and look for signs of problems. Call the plumbing repair professionals once you notice these signs.

Leaks That Don’t Stop

Even if the pipes are new, a persistent leak is a sure sign your pipes need replacement. Leaks are characterised by wet spots, moulds and mildew on the walls, floors or ceilings. If the leak is in the bathroom you will see mould accumulating on the walls, as well as some discolouration. When this happens and you know you haven’t been negligent in cleaning and scrubbing the bathroom, call a plumber immediately to have your pipes checked.

Old and Corroded Pipes

Older pipes, especially those that are exposed to the elements, are more prone to corrosion and damage. If the pipes are located in an acidic water environment, be prepared to replace them more often. Even the strongest ones made from copper can still suffer from corrosion and degradation. Corroded pipes are more prone to springing leaks and rusty pipes should be replaced right away to maintain the integrity of the whole plumbing system.

Water Discoloration

Reddish or brown-coloured water coming from the sink and bathrooms are among the clearest indicators of problematic pipes. Rust adds an unpleasant, metallic taste to water and makes the water hard – you will have difficulty rinsing the soap off your body, dishes and clothes.

If you know what to watch out for and where to look, you are more likely to spot plumbing problems before they get out of hand. Expert plumbers may recommend repair or replacement and save you from bigger issues and expenses in the long run.

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