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Smart Things To Do Before Moving to Your New House

Moving to a new house does not happen often. For most, it is a great feeling to move into a property you have bought for yourself.

Companies like Real Estate Hub have seen the excitement in the eyes of new homeowners firsthand; they’ve also seen many people make rookie mistakes. For those who have a lot of furniture, clothes, and other items, settling in takes proper planning and coordination. Here are some important tips before you move into your new house:

Change the locks

When moving into an old house in a subdivision or condominium, you should consider changing the door locks. For new houses, this may not be necessary. The feeling of safety and security increases with the installation of new locks.

Duplicate the keys

Duplicate the house keys for each member of the family. This is more important during the moving day. It is easy to get locked out when you’ve just moved into a new home and are still getting acquainted with the environment. People feel safer with duplicate keys and it also helps if the locks have been changed.

Schedule pest control services

A new home should be pest-free. To be sure, hire a pest control company to eliminate cockroaches, ants, and termites. The prudent homeowner should follow the pest control schedule and leave the house for up to three days for the smell of chemicals to dissipate. This also ensures that kids and pets are not exposed to the pesticides.

Hire professional cleaners

A new house smells like new paint and construction. It is a good idea to allow professionals to clean the house. They will clean the floors, walls, wood, cabinets, and paneling. The new owner can spend the whole day cleaning, or hire a small cleaning crew.

Connect the Internet

Most houses, even the newly built ones are ready only when the power and water have been connected. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to sign up for Internet connection. This may take a few days and it would be best if done before you move in.

These are common activities that most people forget when moving to a new house. Keep them in mind to ensure a successful and trouble-free move.

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