4 Reasons Your Lawyer is Your Best Friend

Lawyer Some people make fun of a character in a soap who never seems to go anywhere without their lawyer or whose solution for everything involves telling their assistant to “Call my lawyer!” In like manner, not all lawyers are like Saul Goodman, who finds a “solution” for everything, whichever side of the legal fence the “solution” may fall.

However, there are instances that need the services of a legal counsel. Here are some explanations why you might need one.

  1. You’re not a lawyer yourself. This means you do not have training in navigating the complicated pathways and dead ends of the law. Whether you’re right or wrong may be easy for you to understand, but there’s your version and there’s the version according to the law. When faced with a case that is nothing less than confusing for you, better call your lawyer.
  2. You don’t want to be a victim or to stay silent forever. If you feel as if there are forces that get you in a bind at every turn, or if a big, powerful entity is threatening your rights, this may be a time to talk to a lawyer. For example, if you have a child who has cerebral palsy caused by birth injury, it is easy to fall into the trap of blaming yourself. The fact is someone may actually be responsible here. Your lawyer can help you determine that and build your case against the responsible parties.
  3. You need or have evidence. Evidence gets lost all the time. If you want to protect whatever evidence you have or need to collect evidence to support a claim, you need a lawyer to help you do that in a legal and safer way.
  4. You want to avoid a trial, as much as possible. If someone files a case against you, you fear that a trial may not be in your best interests. This is the time to call a lawyer immediately. An attorney can do what you can’t in preventing the case from going to court.

There are many instances in life when a lawyer is what you need. Know what they are and do not hesitate to dial that number.

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