Pebbles and What They Can Do for Your Garden

Pebbled GardenThe garden is one of the first places that people would see in your home. A garden that’s not well-maintained is boring and terrible and is a certain sign that the owners are not giving it due attention. Yet, take heart; you can improve the way your garden looks through a variety of ways.

One way of doing so is by making use of pebbles. Take Essex's prime garden designer, Oakleigh Manor's word for it.

Add a Small Pebble Garden Just Near the Main Door

You can have a designer draw up a plan for a small pebble garden around the main door of the house. If you have stairs leading up to the door, you can ask them to line each side with pebbles and plants.

Create Some Asian Flair

Pebbles in the garden can also provide a kind of 'Asian flair' to your garden. During the design phase, insist to add pebbles and big slabs of rock with spider plants to create that pond-like look that lots of people appreciate.

A Pebble Bridge

You don’t need to have the bridge suspended or anything. Have your garden designers add those slabs of wood, and between them, add some pebbles, plants, some pines—anything that can create that mystical, wintry effect. This will add much life and a whole lot of mystery to your garden.

Pebbled Basket Planters

Alternatively, request pebbled basket planters. Not only would they add to the aesthetic value of your garden, you could also plant flowers in there—adding both beauty and fresh air at home.

Pebbles are more than just 'small things' that you can find at home. They can actually do a lot of good for your garden. Try them out, and see the amazing results for yourself.

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