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5 Storage Hacks for Your Workshop

A workshop can easily get disorganized if you don’t have enough storage space. In this article, find out how you can keep your workshop orderly with these neat storage tips. A typical workshop is filled with all sorts of tools, parts and materials (and maybe even some junk that you refuse to get rid of.

This makes it so easy for things to get out of hand. If your workshop is in a state of disarray and you can’t seem to find anything, here are some storage ideas that you should consider:

1. Toolboxes

A flatbed toolbox, roll-around toolbox, hand-carry toolbox – there are so many options to choose from! But one thing is for sure; you can’t have too many toolboxes If your workshop has more tools than you have storage space, investing in different types of toolboxes will make working easier and decrease the chances of losing a tool.

Buy an upright roll-around toolbox for tools that you frequently use, a flatbed toolbox to take your tools with you, and a few stationary toolboxes to easily store tools in one place.

2. Higher shelves

Maximize your workshop or garage’s vertical space by building higher shelves. You can buy a pre-made shelf from your local hardware store, but you can also build your own out of surplus plywood or pallets. Store items that you frequently use on the lower shelves and less used items on the top shelves.

Make sure you also buy a step ladder so that you can access the higher shelves.

3. Get extra cabinets


Buy more cabinets with deep storage where you can store tools, parts, and other workshop knick-knacks. Opt for ones that have extendable side drawers so that your items don’t get mixed together.

4. Get rid of items that you don’t need

Some workshop owners have the tendency to be hoarders. “What if I need this part for another project? I can’t throw it out!” We get it; you’re afraid of throwing out something that might be useful in the future. However, if you haven’t used it in five years or so, you’re probably better off throwing it out instead of letting it sit in your workshop for five more years.

De-clutter your workshop bit by bit, starting with the items that you can throw in the trash. Then, move on to items that you can recycle and those that you can donate.

5. Invest in a label maker

Even though your storage is on point, it wouldn’t matter if you spend more time than necessary looking for one particular item. Increase your organization skills by labeling your drawers, boxes, cabinets, and shelves with the things that are supposed to be contained in them.

Then, make it a habit to always return items in their proper place. In this way, your workshop won’t revert to its original, disorganized state.

Workshops have the reputation of being dirty, messy, and disorganized. But that doesn’t mean that yours has to go with the flow. Use these storage tips to organize your workshop or garage, and without a doubt, you will enjoy working there 10 times more than you did before.

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