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Heavy Machinery Maintenance: How to Do It Right

When you first see the various types of heavy machinery, you might think that they will be able to withstand everything. But heavy machinery can be surprisingly delicate. That is why proper maintenance should be at the top of your concerns if you own them. Whether out in the field or on the factory floor, there are several ways to ensure that your equipment stays in good condition.

Always Train Your Operators

One of the dominant reasons for breakdowns with machinery is improper use. Whether it is because your operators are pushing the machines too hard, or they are driving around recklessly, the problem with operators that are not careful is that they end up damaging your equipment. That is why you need to ensure that they know how to use the machines properly.

Have skilled trainers work with them before they start using the machinery and test them to ensure that they absorbed the lessons properly. Don’t just settle for one session either. Have your people go through a training program on a regular basis so that their knowledge is always fresh. This training will go a long way towards reducing equipment damage.

Get Them Proper Maintenance

If something does go wrong, you should not try to DIY any repair. It can be tempting to save some money but it will go bad in the long run. You should call in the experts so that the repairs are both thorough and correct. For example, hydraulic machinery repair technicians in Utah and other states should come in and take a look at any faulty hydraulics that you have. They will fix things and ensure that any other potential problem will not get worse.

Give Them Rest


Though made of metal, machines are also vulnerable to fatigue like your employees. The stress of constant operation can put a large strain on them. You should avoid running them constantly so as to give them a rest. If possible, turn them off at the end of the workweek. If not, take them offline every few months so that they can get a thorough rest.

Check Them Thoroughly

Breakdowns in your equipment don’t happen out of the blue. There are always warning signs. They usually come in the form of worn-down parts and lowered performance. Your operators will be able to notice the drop in performance but seeing the damage to the parts will require an inspection. That is why you should have your operators check your equipment at least once a week. The optimal frequency for checks is always before they start the operations, so that should be your goal.

Keep Them Clean and Lubricated

With all of the moving parts inside, you want to avoid friction and internal damage. Proper lubrication is necessary. Keeping the equipment clean also helps reduce the number of dirt particles that can make things worse. Regular lubrication and cleaning will ensure that your equipment is operating efficiently.

Keeping the machinery in your business running smoothly is a huge responsibility. Despite their size, there are many things that can go wrong. The tips above should help ensure that your equipment gets proper care and treatment.

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