5 Tips for the First-Time Fashion Show Organizer

Models lined up in fashion showWhether you’re part of a planning committee or leading that group, planning a fashion show is both fun and exciting. There are many things you’ll have to consider, though, to make sure it’s a success.

From sifting through many great event venues in New York to choosing the layout for the whole show, everything can develop into something too overwhelming that you might overlook something crucial to the show.

These five tips should help you cover the basic and most important aspects of your fashion show.

1. Set the atmosphere

Choose an impressive location and work with a theme. Coordinate lights and music in a way that matches the theme and the movement of the models on the runway. Your setup is crucial in creating intrigue and piquing the interest of your guests.

2. Make technology work for you

Webcast the event online. Put big screens on both sides of the runway. Promote and advertise the event well by also taking it online through social media.

3. Choose models wisely

Gone are the days where models should be size zeros. Looks don’t really matter anymore just as long as they have the personality and attitude that can bring out the fashion statement they’ll be wearing.

4. Rehearsal is key

A full dress rehearsal might sound like a big hassle, but it’s crucial to the success of the show. You wouldn’t want dead air, wrong light and music cues, or models running into each other all because you didn’t rehearse.

5. Consider each guest a celebrity

This means choosing comfortable chairs as well as serving champagne and cocktails, for example. You could also let them take home loot bags of beauty products and invite them to an awesome after-party.

As you go through your plans, remember what your goals are and why you’re having this fashion show in the first place. That way, you’ll be able to cook up a show that’ll be called the event of the year.

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