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Weird Funerals From Around the World

Gone are the days when the only place you could bury a person is a cemetery. Vivacious and forward-thinking people take out their own pre-paid funeral plans and organize their own unique send off.

If traditional burial seems gloomy and the individual would rather plan their funeral the way they intended their wedding day, they can do this and add their own personal touches by taking out a funeral plan with a funeral home in Ogden such as

Millions of people across the globe choose to treat the event as a celebration of the decedent’s life.

Cardboard Caskets

Preserving the environment is important to many people. If they cared about the planet in life, they might want to in death as well. Choosing an eco-funeral provides options such as burial in a meadow or woodland grove, a natural willow or cardboard casket or biodegradable urn.

People who opt for a cardboard casket can allow their loved ones to write farewell messages or draw pictures on it.

Fantasy Caskets

Ghana started the tradition of fantasy caskets. Following their tradition, you can bury people now in a coffin shaped like a car, airplane, fish, cigar, or anything else they really enjoyed. It’s also possible to have a casket in their favorite color, even if that was hot pink.

Sea Burials

Sea burials are common among navy communities but are becoming popular with civilians. Ashes are allowed to be scattered into the sea (minus the urn) if it is at least three nautical miles away from the seafront.

Extreme Embalming

Extreme embalming takes wakes to a completely new level. It began in Puerto Rico. The decedent is embalmed to look as if they are still living so that they can be present at their own funeral. They use a special frame to hold them upright so that they can “greet” their guests.

An undertaker can help find the right kind of funeral that is as individual as the person was, and with pre-paid plans, they can direct the day themselves.

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