A Blooming Language: The Art of Saying Sorry with Flowers

Bouquet of FlowersYou’ve done something terribly wrong and now you have to apologize. Everyone will have to apologize for something at one point in life. With repeated mistakes and arguments, saying “sorry” loses its real meaning. What do you do to prove you are sincere with your words?

One of the best ways you can give a sincere apology is by sending flowers. Different flowers have different meanings; the right blossom might just be your ticket to forgiveness.

Saying Sorry to a Female Colleague or Friend

Look for flowers that say “I’m you’re friend”. Consider yellow roses for friendship, or poppies for success and wealth. If you have feelings for your friend, send her some red roses or tulips to declare your love, or white tulips to show you’re worthy of her affections.

Apologizing to Your Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, or Other Female Relatives

Although roses may seem like a cliché, pink roses mean that you respect the recipient. It could also simply mean, “Believe me” and “Thank you”, says the florist at Vandersalm’s Flowershop. You can add a purple Hyacinth, as well as some white ivy to reinforce your affection.

Getting Back in the Good Graces of Your Wife or Girlfriend

If you’re saying sorry to a special someone, you may need to go big with a bouquet of roses — red for love, lavender for enchantment, and a bouquet of different colored roses to say that your special someone means the world to you. You can also go for other flowers, such as daisies for loyalty or bird of paradise for faithfulness and fidelity.

A single, yet perfectly selected bloom could mean everything. Nonetheless, don’t just let the flowers speak on your behalf. You have to present the flowers and apologize in person. Make sure that you really mean what you’re saying.

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