The Recovery Pill: Fitness Rest

A Girl RestingToday, the desire to live fit and healthy is as strong as ever. With the emerging trend of the fit lifestyle, more and more people in Wellington are signing up for gym memberships and sports training. But while most people believe that the way to a healthy body is endless hours toiling in the gym, it is only partially true.

The second half of what makes a strong body is a recovery. With all the days of beating yourself up with strenuous exercise, one has to let the body take a breather to rest, regenerate and regrow. So if you have been missing the rest part, here are three ways that help your body recover from the blows.

Proper Sleep and Rest

Everyday exercise takes a toll on your body like no other. For starters, it tears muscles, breaking them apart especially when you engage in heavy lifts. Of course, your body naturally repairs your muscles, but it needs time to do so. The only time your body gets to repair itself is during your sleep. It does not matter how strong you are, one way or another all that strain and fatigue will catch up. Sleep allows your body to relax and regenerate, helps you get stronger for the next day. It is the catalyst for physical conditioning, so do not neglect this. Apart from sleep, feel free to get a massage if you still feel sore. It’ll relieve the pressure and enable you to work hard again, Central City Physiotherapy Clinic recommends.

The Right Nutrition

You are what you eat, so if you ever hope to become strong, you have to feed your body the right stuff to make it so. Building strong muscles require lean protein. Protein is the nutrient absorbed by muscle fibers during repair. Fruits and vegetables give you the vitamins to keep you vibrant and radiant. If you need the extra magic, take dietary supplements such as amino acids, fish oil and multi-vitamins to ramp up your nutrient intake. Giving your body the food it needs helps it cope with the demands of physical training.

A Day Off

Training your body with strenuous physical activity day in and day out not only wears out your physical strength but your mental strength as well. The routine of training will get to you. To keep yourself from burning out, remember to take a day off once in a while. This is different from sleep. This involves actually putting training for a while and going to have fun elsewhere. This refreshes your mind and body, helps you face the next week of training with renewed perspective, commitment and endurance. Just don’t take too long, though.

Putting your body through strenuous training is only half of the battle to be in the best shape. You have to factor in recovery and nutrition as well.

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