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A Simple Guide in Choosing the Best Family Car

Back in the day, we stayed cramped in our parents’ old station wagon. Every road trip feels like it’s going to rip our legs off because of the cramped seating. Not to mention, though we love playing road-trip games, there’s nothing else to do in the car. But now, children can watch videos from the backseat. We can charge our mobile devices from the USB ports in the car. And of course, the ever-reliable navigation features of modern cars make it easier to find our way.

Could you have imagined all of these things back then? People thought they were just dreaming of the day when they can have access to seven-seaters without spending a fortune. But today, even luxurious European brands are trying to compete with Japanese and American cars in the race to offer the most affordable seven-seater family cars.

Find the Best Dealership

Whether you’re buying a brand-new or used car, it’s important to find a good dealership such as Canyon State Trucks and SUVs. The dealership should help you find the right family car with the safety features and stability that all family cars should have. Also, good dealerships have great offers and discounts that will not put too much strain on your finances.

Safety Features

The first thing you should look for in a family car is the safety features. You want the car to have stability control and anti-lock brakes, reversing camera, autonomous emergency brakes, and adaptive cruise control. Additionally, you can look for auto parking, rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot assist, and lane departure warning signal.

Some cars also come with a driver-fatigue system which senses the changes in eye movements when people get tired. The system gives out a warning, telling drivers that they are not as alert as they should be. Other cars have a simpler system wherein the signal comes after two hours of straight driving. The car will automatically assume the driver needs to rest.

Of course, you’d want the family car to have seat belts and child-safety features. Look for a car with airbags for all seats. Or, at the very least, have them installed after the purchase.


You don’t need seats just for your kids. You need to consider your friends, relatives, and carpoolers. Once your kids go to school, neighbors may take turns in bringing them to and from school. What about you? Can your family car accommodate more kids from your block? How will you participate in the carpooling if your car can only accommodate your own kids? A family car must at least have seven seats.


Even if you aren’t buying a family car, you should always consider the storage capacity of the car you are buying. You’ll need enough trunk space, cup holders, center console, drop-down trays, and nooks and crannies. You can get backseat organizers where you can store tissue holders, mobile devices, notebooks, pens, and snacks.


Parents are busy enough that they don’t need to spend 15 minutes to attach a car seat to the car. Make sure the family car you are going to buy have easy-to-understand and smart features to make life easier for you. Latch anchor for car seats may not mean so much right now, but you’ll be thankful you got a car with one when you realize how time-consuming it is to attach a car seat securely.


Kids and parents need their mobile devices fully charged at all times. Sure, you can get a portable charger for your phone, but nothing beats the convenience of having USB ports all around the car. No one needs to fight for the ports if your car only has enough for everyone. These are especially useful for a long road trip.

Another thing you should look for is an integrated navigation system. While you can turn on your phone’s dedicated navigation app, it is safer to use the one in the car because the screen’s bigger. You can also control the system through voice control.


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Read about the car’s reputation in terms of durability and stability. Families max out their car’s use. Kids don’t care about putting up their dirty shoes on the leather seats. They sometimes also play with the retractable windows. While it’s best to discipline your kids to act appropriately while on the roads, kids are always going to be kids. Can the car take such beating from them?

And then also, there’s the occasional bumps in the garage, parking lots, and driveways. How much will it cost to repair dents? Is the car expensive to maintain? These are important considerations, too.

Consider all factors when picking a family car. This is a huge investment that will last you for years. If you are not sure about the features you need, talk to a dealership or ask help from family and friends.

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