Balancing Motherhood and Business During the Pandemic

Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, all of us have heard about small business owners being affected. For entrepreneurs who are also moms, the challenges are even greater.

Single moms especially have it the worst. They have been forced to handle everything — work, childcare, housework — by themselves all at once. Contrary to what some people believe, working from home isn’t easy, with kids to watch and chores to finish.

But whether they have a spouse or not, parenting and managing a business is simply no walk in the park. And now that six months have passed since the declaration of the pandemic, without an absolute cure ready yet, working moms may have to live through the new normal until next year, at least.

So here are the ways to keep thriving in your business and household during these trying times.

Equip Your Business For Bigger Risks

We’re living in unprecedented times, so none of us had foreseen a pandemic that’ll last this long. As such, you probably never prepared your business for health-related disasters.

One way to ensure your business’s survival during a crisis is to invest in business continuity services. This plan is designed to help a business continue operating despite a disaster, such as fires. But this can also apply to the pandemic. It analyzes the effects of a disruption in operations, such as closures or the prohibition of dine-in customers, for instance. Afterward, you or your consultants will develop a recovery plan to maintain the critical functions of the business.

A business continuity plan must be tested several times to ensure its effectiveness under different risk scenarios. That gives you a chance to identify the weaknesses in the plan and improve them.

Adapt to the New Normal

No matter how hard you planned for a disaster, you couldn’t have predicted the exact measures you have to take when the disaster comes. Hence, you have to be prepared to adapt when a situation calls for it.

For instance, instead of insisting on sticking to your marketing plan, be open to changes, such as offering discounts of waiving fees. Doing this will make your customers relieved that you understand their struggles, which are job losses or reduced salaries.

Also, rather than spend on advertising alone, track ad performance and revenue production as well. You can do this through PPC services or Google local services. Each informs you which ads are generating the most inquiries and sales. In turn, you can allocate your marketing budget to your products or services with the highest demand.

Shift Your Working Hours

mother with her child

Now that you’re a work-from-home mom, you should understand the situation of your work-from-home employees as well, especially the moms like you. Thus, be flexible in your working hours so that you can also have time for housework and your family.

If your kids are attending online classes, you have to be their teacher, too. This new role takes more time away from work, but don’t resist it. Instead, create a new schedule that’ll allow you to satisfy all your responsibilities. Work while your kids are asleep. Take breaks now and then to finish chores. Then before ending your day, bond with your family.

Ask your spouse or any other relative or family member to fulfill tasks for you when you’re working. Maybe you can handle the morning load, while the other takes charge during the PM. That can be a successful strategy as you and your co-parent get sufficient work done.

However, expect stress and frustration from time to time, despite these adjustments. And when that happens, go easy on yourself, and remember that these obstacles will end eventually. Be grateful for each day, and to everyone around you who helps you survive the new normal.

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