Ace the Date

Ace the Date: 3 Things Gentlemen Should Prepare For

Ace the DateDates are opportunities for two people to know each other better. As such, the utmost preparations should be done to ensure a successful outcome.

Getting ready for a date can be likened to preparing for a military operation. Guys should plan for it accordingly. Any self-respecting gentleman knows that the objective of any date is to get the other person to like you, so you have to be at your best.

Here are three things you have to prepare for to ace the date:

1. Hygiene

First things first: get yourself groomed properly before the date. You have to get your appearance in order just like a soldier gears up for battle.

The effort you put into grooming yourself for the date tells your date how much you value the time they spend with you. Shower, iron your shirt, trim your nails and get a good shave. Why do you think soldiers put in a lot of effort in making themselves presentable? This is because looking good is already winning half the battle.

So pay attention to every detail to make yourself look great. Don’t forget about your breath too. says that a cure for bad breath is available to make sure that you don’t offend.

2. Operations

Now that you have yourself groomed properly like a good soldier, plan for the date. What are the activities you have in mind? Plan the date from start to finish.

Get the intel on where you should eat and where the best entertainment venues are. When you show up with a plan, it tells your date that you are a man in control and with direction. Of course, be open to changes if your date isn’t thrilled with your options. Also, leave some room for spontaneity. The most important thing–don’t be late.

3. Conversation

Dates are about getting to know each other, so you better have great topics to talk about. Ask her about her likes and dislikes. Be smart about your conversation topics. Avoid awkward silence at all costs.

Remember, plan for success. A healthy dose of confidence goes a long way in impressing your date.

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