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The Influence of Sports in Fashion Through the Years

Nike air unlimitedCombining the elements of sports with fashion is nothing new especially today; however, it wasn’t always the case. The said genre went through a lot to get to its current look and style. With the ever-changing trends in sports, there is sure to be changes in fashion as well.

Let’s take a look at the iconic moments in street wear over the years and how it has evolved into where it is now.


The 80s was a great time for fashion. While you might think that three decades ago, street wear was closely tied to the music industry—it was. Still, the three industries played a significant role in each of their successes.

It was during this time that MC Hammer got the best of everybody and convinced most of the people to be in baggy trainers with matching sweaters to boot and large blings. However, clearly, the emergence of aerobics and tae-bo pushed leg warmers and neon coloured clothing to become a fashion statement in this era.


The decade that will never cease to be relevant holds a special place in almost everyone’s hearts. Think, Space Jam, Wu-Tang Clan, Clueless and the Fresh Prince.

Now all these play a huge role in influencing street wear and fashion. The dominance of basketball flourished in this era. Thanks to Michael Jordan being part of Space Jam, kids found comfort in sports and thrived to become just like Mike.

In this sense, high-cut ankle shoes were all the rage. Having a pair of the a pair of the Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro’s predecessor, the NikeAirUnlimited, was sure to give you looks of envy.


A decade and a half ago will bring you memories of LIVESTRONG ballers, headbands, sweatpants, drawstring backpacks, old school sneakers and varsity jackets.

During this Millennial year, you will see just how strong sports’ influence on clothing was. Lance Armstrong founded LIVESTRONG and created a powerful movement, one that made a revolutionary movement against cancer with yellow ballers. Headbands broke out thanks to NBA players like Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo—soon everyone came out with one on their heads after watching a Celtics game.

The Nike Sneakers, by this time seemed like a trend that would never end. True enough, along with varsity jackets that symbolised athleticism, they still live on to this day.


Modern day street wear now hugely depends on self-expression. It has come to a point where it does not have to be part of a subculture or interest, but merely your own.

What is street wear for you and what influences you?

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