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Basement Makeover: Deal with the Most Common Basement Issues

For many people, utilizing every inch of their home is a must. They often try to look for ways to get more space into their home. But is it possible?

There are several ways to utilize all the space in your home. You can either push outward by building an addition or try looking inward and see if there’s an unused space that you can convert.

One space that you can consider is the basement. Although most homeowners look at it as a repository for unused stuff, it can also be a promising space for a family room, entertainment room, or even a game room. But is there anything that you should consider before converting it into something more interesting?

Moisture is your top adversary.

One of the most common issues with basement remodeling is moisture. If you have the same problem, then it might be difficult for you to finish your project. That’s because it’s challenging to let the paint dry when there’s too much moisture in the air.

If you have significant moisture in your space, then it’s best to have it resolved immediately. Trace where the moisture is coming from and address directly. If it’s just a minor issue, then using a water-lock paint or seal cracks should do the trick. But if you’re dealing with drainage problems, then it’s best to call a professional to get it fixed.

Consider its heating and cooling system.

Remember that basements usually don’t have enough windows to let air flow naturally inside the space. So, if you want to feel comfortable when you’re in your future gaming room, then it’s best to think about its heating and cooling system.

Most houses have furnaces inside their basement to keep the entire house warm. But if your home doesn’t have one, then installing electrical baseboard heaters should do the trick. You can also consider extending the HVAC ductwork so that it’ll run to your basement space. Doing so will make your area a lot cooler, especially during the summer.

Change your space and prevent it from turning into a creepy cellar.

Basement converted into a cellar.

Since it’s almost underground, most basements have limited access to natural light. So, it’s only natural to have good lighting installed to make it look bright.

Keep in mind that because of its height restrictions, your choices for lighting may be limited. So, it’s crucial to choose lights that people commonly use in their basements. You can try considering looking at lights in a few magazines to see which ones are popular. Lights can make your look appear a lot more spacious than what it seems. So that you can make it less obtrusive, try looking for some nooks and crannies that you can install it so that it won’t look distracting.

These are only a few of the things that most people often think about when converting their basement. Remember to keep everything clean and clutter-free so that your space won’t look tight and cramped. Not only will it help keep your area looking fresh, but it will make it look bigger, too.

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