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Off-the-Shelf Items Can Aid You in Home Care

Caring for your home should not be very intimidating. You can always try out things for yourself before calling the professionals in. If you can solve something, then that already will save you some dollars on repair. That will also come handy in case you get stuck on a holiday without anyone to turn to. But if you think that something is beyond your knowledge and familiarity, go ahead and phone the experts. Maybe you need someone who can provide residential roofing services to deal with stuff that is out of your reach, or you just did not want to risk trying to solve it at all for safety concerns.

But then there are other concerns at home that are like low-hanging fruits. Sometimes you may not know it, but their solutions could just be around the corner. Here are some off-the-shelf items that could help you with home care.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee is a staple for many working individuals. The amount one consumes can be staggering, which makes your house smell good but fills your garbage bin with coffee grounds. The good thing is you can use those for a few things. If you have pesky ants roaming around your dining table, you can create a barrier coffee bits around your food as they are known to repel the tiny critters. Do this while the grounds are still moist, as they still have their potency intact. Replace them once they have dried up.

You can also use coffee grounds as an additive to your compost. Their fragrant smell also has a dominant quality, which makes it perfect as a deodorizer.

coffee grounds


Speaking of deodorizers, it could be hard to take the smell off the garbage bin even if they have been emptied. If it has been in use for a long time, chances are that the smell has stuck to the walls of the bin and it would be almost impossible to take off. Good thing you have all sorts of stuff you can use around your house to combat the smell.

Baking soda and charcoal are known to absorb moisture and odors. Once the garbage has been emptied during collection day, sprinkle either at the bottom. For the charcoal, it would be best for you to break it down to very little pieces so that a lot of ground is covered. After a few hours, you should notice the reduction, if not elimination, of the intensity of the smell. You can follow it up by squeezing lemon juice all over, which would act as a deodorizer. You can also leave the peels in there to strengthen the aroma.

Rubber Materials

If you have rubber bits and pieces lying around the house, gather them up. They could come from old tires, rubber bands, or mousepads and can be useful for you in the future. They are great to use as guards that you can use for the corners or edges of your furniture so you can avoid to scratch other surfaces when you are moving them. You can also use them as feet so that they do not make skid marks on your floor if you move them around. If you have thin strips or pads lying around, you can use that as a gasket for containers, or you can use that as a substitute for a plumber’s tape. That can help make an airtight seal between pipes.

It is amazing to know that there are things at home that can help you solve problems, and these are common items even. This knowledge would be a godsend to those who want to solve things right away. Calling for help is fine, but nothing could go wrong in trying things for yourself.

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