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Beat the Heat Without Hurting Your Budget

It’s hot; so hot that many Australians are looking for better and faster ways to cool themselves down. Fortunately, there’s a lot of it lying around. While a vacation is fine for those who can afford it, there are alternatives to going out of town to just cool off.

Here are some ways to chill out right in the comfort of your own home. No fancy electronic gadgets here or any sort of large expense; just a little science and ingenuity.

Keep things cool by blocking out the sun

A lot of unwanted heat that comes into your house is not just because of the climate; it is also the sun itself. There is a reason some things need to be stored in cool and dry places. Buying blackout curtains or simply closing the blinds can reduce unwanted heat in your home by a huge amount. You can also create a cool and shady place in your property in Brisbane by building a carport or a patio.

Many of us already own curtains or can repurpose one out of your comforter or sheets (which you really won’t be using in this weather.)

Change your diet to avoid heating up

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Sometimes, it is not what’s outside, but inside that causes problems. Our diets can greatly affect our body temperature. Spices are the most obvious culprit (everyone has had some chili at least once) but other things like onions, ginger and coconut oil raise your body’s inner temperature. And of course, there’s alcohol.

If you are looking for food that can cool you down quickly, consuming lean meats and fruits high in water content (think cucumber, watermelons, or apples) can help. In addition to being delicious, switching to fish from mostly meat can allow your body to still get the protein it needs without putting on too much weight.

Sleep on the floor

It’s basic thermodynamics: Hot air rises, cold air sinks. If you find yourself waking up in the morning with soaking sheets, moving your mattress to the floor is the best idea. Even better if your home comes with tiled floors, they are very pleasant to feel during hot nights since they keep your body cool. Most beds are also made of steel supports, which conduct heat, and mattresses that keep the heat in instead of out.

Switch to LED bulbs

If you have been looking for an opportunity to switch to LED lighting, this may be it. Incandescent lights add a lot of heat inside a room, especially if they are the main source of illumination. Much of this heat is actually excess waste, as incandescent bulbs waste more than half their energy on heating.

These are just some of the simple and inexpensive ways to beat the Australian heat without spending too much on a vacation something cool. The trick is to cool your house and your body, and soon enough, you will be sweating a lot less than you are right now. Browse online or ask your friends and family for recommendations on how you can improve your home’s comfort.

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