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Common Types of Garage Door Springs

In case you have no idea, you should know that the springs in your garage door are one of the most vital parts of it. It is common to find that a majority neglect their garage door springs when it comes to garage door maintenance because they do not know the value of these springs. Their role in allowing the easy lowering and raising of the garage door is what makes them of much importance.

When the springs of your garage door are faulty, it is advisable that you seek the services of garage door repair experts in Salt Lake City. In most cases, they will need to replace the springs rather than repair them. That said, read on to learn about the various kinds of extension and torsion springs used in garage doors.

Open-Loop Springs

Open-loop springs make work easy because they are the simplest to replace. This is because they do not call for the opening of the eye bolt or disassembling of the pulley. The only catch with this type of spring is that once it malfunctions, you will need to replace the whole spring.

Double-Loop Springs

The advantage double-loop springs have over open-loop ones is that they are much stronger. This is attributable to the two coils located at the end of the spring and connected to the eye bolt and the pulley. You should, however, note that double-loop springs pose quite the challenge when it comes to their replacement.

Clipped Ends

If you are looking for a durable garage door spring, then you should opt for clipped ends. The reason behind their longer life span is the clips placing minimal stress on the spring. Clipped ends make a good choice for garage doors that weigh approximately 200 pounds and more. You should note that they are the most difficult to replace among extension springs.

Standard Torsion Springs

Metal springs up closeThese springs are utilized mainly in residential garage doors. Standard torsion springs will often be mounted above the garage’s opening. The springs are then supported by the metal shaft that runs through the middle. Two torsion springs should be used for heavier garage doors and one for lighter ones.

Torque Master Torsion Springs

Among torsion springs, torque master springs are the safest. They are often enclosed inside the torsion shaft. In addition to that, a winding cone at the end of the torsion rods holds the springs together. You should know that torque master torsion springs are wound up using a power drill.

Early Set Torsion Springs

Their similarity with standard torsion springs is profound. The most significant difference is that they are installed in the middle point of the torsion shaft. The other notable difference is that they use a different hardware type that is mounted on the torsion shaft ends.

The knowledge of the types of springs mentioned above will help you know the types of springs suitable for your garage door. When looking for a garage door repair expert, always make sure that you go for one with positive reviews and years of experience. Not only will they help you select the right type of spring, but they will also install it correctly.

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